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Jody LaVoie, Certified Professional Coach for Widows
Hi, I'm Jody


I'm Jody LaVoie. A widow coach who helps widows balance work, family, and grief.

Are you a widow navigating the intricate balance of work, family, and grief?

​I’m Jody LaVoie, a Certified Professional Coach and two-time breast cancer survivor who understands the challenges firsthand. 


Through a transformative journey, I will empower widows in the workplace offering tailored coaching services to guide them toward rediscovering joy and falling in love with life again.

As a working widow, you may find yourself overwhelmed trying to balance a career, family, and grief and finding time for yourself. The weight of responsibilities, combined with the emotional toll of grief, leaves you feeling unsure of where to begin your journey toward healing and rediscovery.

I want to help you. I’ve walked your path, I’m a trained professional and I’ve designed services to help you no matter where you are on your journey. 


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Single Session

Providing personalized direction in a focused session tailored to troubleshoot an immediate challenge.

Kick-Start Plan

A 21-day self-paced program that includes a live kick off session to empower you to navigate grief, set meaningful goals, and foster resilience.

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Experience transformative support and personalized guidance over 6 or 12 sessions targeting 1-2 areas of life, diving deep to transform your outlook and create a roadmap to move forward. 

When you work with me, you can expect to… 

1. Get clear guidance for your path forward

You will gain clarity about your journey and purpose during this challenging time in your life. I will guide you in discerning your path forward, helping you navigate grief and rediscover your strengths.


2. Rediscover your confidence

You will receive holistic support, organization, and guidance necessary to navigate the complexities of grief and the demands of work and life. My method and tenacity will help you reclaim and reignite a life that works for you.


3. Position yourself for success at home and work

Learn to integrate your untapped skills. Through my coaching, you'll leverage your capabilities, leaning into your strengths, and strategically outsourcing where necessary, fostering a purposeful and effective career journey and home life balance. 

4. Revitalize and renew your energy

Emerge from the coaching experience revitalized and renewed. My method is designed not only to guide you through challenges but to leave you with a revived spirit, ready to face life with a renewed sense of purpose and energy.


5. Craft a life you love

With my support, envision and deliberately create a life and career that fills you with enthusiasm each day, even in the face of grief. Expect not just to cope but to thrive as you actively participate in crafting a life that aligns with your strengths, purpose, and the vision you now have for your future.



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When my husband died, I was devastated and lost. My life was focused on his care. With that gone, I felt I had no purpose. That is until I started meeting with Jody LaVoie. I joined one of her free monthly group sessions and felt safe and understood. I decided to sign up for 12 sessions and it's the best thing I could have done for myself. Jody gave me the tools and support I needed to find joy and purpose in my life again, both personally and professionally. Jody is a wonderful coach for widows. If you're struggling with the loss of a loved one, Jody can help. 

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