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Photo of Jody LaVoie, Widow Coach

Coach for Widows in the Workplace

I help widows in the workplace balance work, family, and grief. I will help you find the momentum to move forward.

Jody LaVoie

Are you currently struggling with how to move forward with your life after the loss of a spouse? 

Do you feel like you are lost, foggy, and just surviving each day?

Are you frustrated because you aren't as productive as you once were at work and your employer doesn't understand what you are going through?

​Are you feeling like you are not able to parent like you used to?

Or maybe, you need someone to help you create a strategy to balance work, family, grief, and find time for yourself again?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then my 1:1 Widow Wisdom Program was designed to help you overcome all of these barriers and so much more.


I have designed this program to meet you where you are at and bring you to a place where you can move forward personally and professionally rebuilding a life you love.


Hi, I'm Jody

After my husband was shot at our place of business by an employee that he demoted, I had to mobilize instantly from being a stay-at-home mom to running a multi-million dollar business, solo parenting three daughters and juggling new legal, financial, and many other household related issues. 


The profound affect of these experiences set me on a trajectory to help other women uncover their purpose with a clear path forward living the lives that they love.

Photo of Jody LaVoie

Corporate Grief Support

I create a customized program for business leaders to support grieving staff members. 

1:1 Widow Coaching

I believe you already
have all of the skills necessary to move forward. I will help you find the momentum to get going.

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Grief Support Services

Jody's recommended list of tools and services to help you cope with grief and move forward.

Photo of a coach providing 1:1 grief support
Photo illustrating how a helping hand can do wonders
Photo illustrating a healed heart

Speaking Engagements

Presentations & Keynotes tailored to your audience.

Picture of Jody speaking to a group of professionals

Why Work with Jody?

Jody helped me work through some unresolved feelings I had as I was redefining myself after my husband's death. I found that I needed encouragement, strategies, and resources and by having had an excellent coach, I am now better able to manage my feelings, structure my days and weeks to accomplish goals, and to rethink my self-perception.  


Jody was able to provide me with tools to view myself in a more confident light.  Her guidance in our weekly coaching sessions was thoughtful, professional, supportive, and greatly appreciated.  I would encourage any woman who has experienced the loss of a partner to contact Jody for support.


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