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Photo of Jody LaVoie, Powerhouse Widow Coach

Loss does not define you. You can fall in love with your life again.

Grief and Loss Expert, 
Widow, Mom, and Coach

Powerhouse Widow Coach

Jody LaVoie

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Widows, this is the soft spot for you to land for…

Powerhouse personal coaching that will get you from stuck and uncertain to moving forward confidently. It is my mission to help you reclaim a life that works for you and not against you.

As an accomplished woman, you are used to success, certainty and support. As a widow, some of that has been put on pause. Let’s unpause that button and get back on track in a way that honors your past and embraces your future.

Let’s go from grief to greatness
Do you feel…
  • Stressed and anxious about the future?
  • Confused and overwhelmed about what to do next?
  • Lonely, aimless and disconnected from yourself and those around you? Exhausted and unable to move forward with your life? As if you are just existing from day to day?
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We bereaved are not alone. We belong to the largest company in all the world—the company of those who have known suffering.

Helen Keller

It is hard enough to get clear on your strengths and your purpose and deliberately create a life and career that feel fantastic WITHOUT grief. Imagine how much harder this becomes when you are going through one of life's biggest challenges?

I can help you RECLAIM AND REIGNITE A LIFE that works FOR YOU and not against you with the same method and temerity that have worked time and again.

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  Results you can expect


  • You will be clear on what to do next.

  • You will find the support, organization and guidance you need.

  • You will bring those strengths and that clarity back into the workplace; and you will emerge revived.

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Hi, I'm Jody

Hi, I’m Jody LaVoie, the Powerhouse Widow Coach, and I provide emotional and practical guidance and support to anyone dealing with the loss of a partner, all the way through to the creation of your exciting next phase in your career and your love life.

Through my own experience of widowhood, I understand how difficult it is, trying to navigate your way through these traumatic life events, and how challenging it is to take the reins back at work – even in a career you adore. That’s why I’m passionate about helping you to look after yourself, feel more positive, take back control and build the life you desire.

Together, we can create ongoing, sustainable growth and change so that you can move forward confidently in your own way towards a new and thriving future.

Photo of Jody LaVoie
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Photo illustrating how a helping hand can do wonders

I believe you already
have all of the skills necessary to move forward. I will help you find the momentum to get going.

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