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Jody's Post-Loss Targeted To-Do List

Free Post-Loss Checklist


It is incredibly overwhelming when you lose your loved one. Some of the tasks you are charged with will be able to wait, and there are others that it is best to tackle sooner rather than later. My free checklist outlines what tasks I prioritized after I lost my husband.

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Free Resources

Take advantage of some of these free resources for widows

Widow Board of Directors Worksheet

This worksheet will help you to coordinate with those who want to help you, offloading some of your personal tasks, redistributing your professional workload and supporting the needs of your household. Wouldn’t you like to get back some hours each week for YOU?

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Monthly Group Call


Join me and a community of other widows for one hour of coaching, support and shared experiences. You will leave uplifted, have a better sense of direction and not have to travel this widow road alone. Nothing is off limits. This time is for you.

Recipe Sources


It is hard to adjust your meal planning and preparation after the loss of your partner. I have curated a list of websites and Instagram accounts to help you on your way. May these resources serve as a valuable companion on your journey toward exploring what cooking could be like for you now.

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In my weekly Widow Wisdom email newsletter, I offer thoughts for widows on moving forward confidently, finding joy again, and building everyday resilience; and for loved ones on supporting someone who is grieving.

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