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Elite Private Coaching

Powerhouse Personal Coaching with Jody

I’m Jody, and I am here to help you

fall back in love with your life again.

Picture of Jody Lavoie, Widow Coach
From Grief to Greatness is my 12-week coaching program to help you Rediscover, Reimagine and Relaunch your life—taking you from grief to greatness. 


Together we will reconnect with your strengths, amp up your coping strategies, revive relationships and even start new ones, inspire new activities and summon the inner resources that will give your life new meaning.

You might be wondering…
  • How can I ever move on from here?

  • Isn’t there more? 

  • Is my life over?

  • What do I need to do?

The Grief to Greatness program will help you uncover your blindspots and get clear on what to do next. You will find the support, organization and guidance you need. You will bring those strengths and that clarity back into the workplace. You will emerge revived.

Why Work with Jody?

Testemonial image of satisfied client

I was struggling and felt stuck in my grief. I truly needed the guidance of someone who has been through a similar loss experience as myself. Jody has helped me to build confidence to move forward through one of the very most difficult times in my life. I now have the confidence and tools that I can rely on to help me break unhealthy patterns and form healthier ones.

Danielle R.

If you have read this far, ask yourself:


  • Going it alone.... how's that working for you? At best, it will not only take much more time, but you would be passing up a proven method.

  • Couldn’t you use the support and accountability from someone who has really BEEN there?

Here is what private coaching includes:


 12 weeks of virtual program materials including frameworks, worksheets, and tips (click to see an outline of the curriculum with supported videos)

 12 hours of personal coaching sessions

 Infinite email check-ins between sessions

 Suggested additional reading, TED talks, podcasts and other resources to further supplement your journey

 Jody’s favorite journal

I am here for you.


I am overwhelmed already; how much time do I need to invest in this program?

It is understandable that you are overwhelmed. Grief does tend to take over. In order to make sustainable change, you need to invest the time. The Grief to Greatness program is accelerated to 10 weeks so you can laser focus during that time. You will need to spend 2 hours weekly preparing and implementing what you learn. 

Only you can answer that question. Are you ready to move forward to make a long-term investment in your future? Are you getting by in your life and wondering if there is more? Are you ready to get back to a life that you love?


Yes, it is an investment. Could you go it alone, and curate books, online programs, TED Talks and support groups to become an expert yourself? Maybe. How long will that take you?


With private coaching, you will have dedicated access to a grief and loss expert, a widow and mom who has been in your shoes. A certified coaching professional and business leader.


The Grief to Greatness program is a proven framework that is our backbone, but what is discovered and discussed during private sessions is unique to you and your needs.

Private coaching is expensive; are there other online options out there? 

Is right now the time for me for coaching?

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