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From resilience to personal growth, join Jody in this collection of podcast appearances as she shares her wisdom and experiences, offering valuable insights to inspire and empower you on you own journey of transformation and renewal.

Other Media

CanvasRebel: “Meet Jody LaVoie”

Jody reflects on the tragic moment that changed the trajectory of her career, how she found resilience and how to unlearn some of life’s lessons.

Grappling with Grief: “Tragedy to Triumph: Jody LaVoie”

Jody shares her personal grief journey and how it led her to find her purpose in launching Widows in the Workplace.

National Safety Council: “The Day My Husband Didn’t Come Home From Work”

Jody shares her family’s personal tragedy, the risk factors for workplace violence and what organizations can and should be doing to protect against workplace violence.

WGN Radio, Steve Cochran Show: “Most Valuable Person on the Planet” Award

Jody talks about her experience as the Executive Director of Female Strong and the Young Entrepreneurs Academy (YEA!) Chicago, which provides life-changing experiences for adolescent girls to empower them to become future leaders of tomorrow through the opportunity to generate a business idea, construct a business plan and pitch their plan to local investors for start-up funding, all with the robust support of 80 volunteers.

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