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Elevate your life after loss with our personalized 1x1 coaching sessions, designed to propel you toward heightened levels of clarity, energy, courage, productivity, and influence in 6 or 12 session packages. Whether you’re navigating grief or seeking a transformative path forward, these sessions will guide you through the journey of rediscovery, re-imagination, and relaunch.

What to Expect from 1x1 Coaching


Targeted growth focus: Discover and prioritize one to two areas of focus, evaluating your level of agency and fostering positive habits that empower your journey towards a transformed life.

Actionable clarity and intentionality: Acquire actionable clarity and intentional insights into addressing grief and understanding yourself at a profound level, setting the foundation for transformative change.

Immediate boost in energy: Experience a direct and immediate surge in the energy you feel and generate each day, igniting positive momentum for personal and professional growth.


1x1 Coaching

For widows ready to redefine their present reality and shape their future

This is for you if…


You know there’s more to life and want personalized guidance to get there


If you’re navigating grief or searching for a transformative path forward, these sessions offer personalized guidance tailored to your unique needs and aspirations.

You aspire for professional and personal growth


Whether you’re aiming to enhance your career, build resilience, or cultivate a positive mindset, these sessions provide a comprehensive approach to both personal and professional development.

You’re ready for what’s next and want a clear roadmap for your future


If you’re ready to envision and craft a future aligned with your goals and values, these coaching sessions will provide you with not just a vision but a detailed roadmap for the coming months and years.

Frequently Asked Questions


What’s the difference between 6 and 12 sessions?  In 6 sessions, we’ll work through one aspect of your life in great detail. In 12 sessions, we’ll work through two or more aspects of your life. With more sessions, we will be able to dig deeper into what has been holding you back in your grief and identify recurring limiting patterns to initiative change and growth. Many aspects of our life are intertwined, so clients often prefer 12 sessions.


How much time do I need to commit weekly?  At least one hour a week for our meetings and one hour for reflections.

How often do we meet?  Typically every week or every other week, but 1x1 coaching is customized to you and your schedule.

What should I expect after this?  You’ll feel more confident and in control of your journey, an increased level of energy and excited about life again.

How do I prepare for my session?  I will make it easy for you. I will provide you with a series of reflective questions that will help to focus our time together.

What if I have to reschedule my session?  No problem, as long as you do so 24 hours in advance.

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