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Confront the challenges of grief and discover the resilience within you to intentionally shape a future filled with strength and purpose through a self-paced journey.

What to Expect from the 21 Day Kick-Start Program

Jody LaVoie, Certified Professional Coach for Widows

Define your path forward: We’ll focus on creating a personalized roadmap for your journey. Set one goal and receive expert guidance to map out actionable steps, breaking down your goals into achievable milestones.

Build resilience and coping skills: We’ll delve into cultivating resilience and developing effective coping strategies. Through guided videos and worksheets, you’ll learn the concept of resilience, practice resilience-building exercises, and identify coping strategies tailored to your unique journey.

Empower yourself and celebrate progress: Lessons will guide you to find your strength and confidence. Celebrate your progress, encourage self-compassion, and set intentions for the future. This week marks a transformative step toward moving forward with strength.


21 Day Kick-Start Program

For widows wanting to concentrate on a singular aspect for progress

This is for your if…    


You’re seeking clarity and direction and just want to get started


If you find yourself grappling with grief and searching for a clear path forward, but you’re not ready to dive into 1x1 coaching, this program is a perfect start for you. It’s designed to provide you with the tools and guidance to define and navigate your journey.

You want to start building resilience and coping skills


For those looking to cultivate emotional resilience and develop effective coping strategies, this program offers a structured approach to strengthen your ability to face challenges head-on.

You’re ready to empower yourself and celebrate progress


If you’re eager to rediscover your strength, boost confidence, and celebrate the milestones in your journey, the 21 Day Kick-Start is tailored to jumpstart your journey and celebrate your growth.

Frequently Asked Questions


How much time do I get with Jody?  In the Kick-Start program, you'll begin with a kick-off video, followed by a 30-minute check-in Zoom call with Jody. Upon completing the three-week, self-guided program, you have the option for an additional 30-minute personal wrap-up call with Jody, which is included in the pricing.


How much time do I need to commit weekly?  1-2 hours per week is ideal to be successful in this program.

How is this different from 1x1 coaching?  This program is predominantly self-paced and supplemented by videos and powerful worksheets that focus on accelerating change in one aspect of your life. While you will adapt these impactful lessons to your life, it is not as customized as 1x1 coaching is.

How do I know if this is right for me?  If you feel ready to get started, but are not prepared to dig deep in 1x1 coaching or are not ready to make the investment, this is a great place to start. You will be guided through all of the steps through the videos and worksheets. Remember, you do have the initial 30-minute check-in call with Jody and the optional 30-minute wrap-up call included in the pricing.

What should I expect after this?  After this, you’ll be able to better understand your grief, learn some new coping strategies and learn how to find your strength and confidence, as well as design a personal roadmap blueprint with actionable steps that will allow you to make progress in the goal that you set out.

What comes next?  After the Kick-Start program, you may want to jump into 1x1 coaching or take a break.

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