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Grief to Greatness Curriculum



Check out the amazing Grief to Greatness curriculum focusing on Rediscovering, Reimagining, Relaunching your life.


Module 1

A New Start
In this first week of rediscovery, we explore where you are on your grief journey, identify how your grief is holding you back from your greatness and get clear on the here and now.

Module 2

The Elephant in the Room
We move our thinking about grief from the crushing weight of the elephant in the room and transform it to a symbol of love and memories that bring you comfort, strength and peace.

Module 3

Opening You Up to You
One of the most important steps to your growth is your ability to be vulnerable. We explore why that is, how to get to that place, and the power that this will have on your growth. You will start to learn that you are enough!

Module 4

What Is Holding You Back?
We will tackle limiting beliefs: how to identify them, what to do about them and how they are holding you back from your greatness. Your thoughts create your reality.

Module 5

Summoning Your Voice of
Inner Wisdom
We explore how to tap into your inner wisdom through the guidance of your inner mentor, which will lead to empowerment, clarity and focus, improved decision-making and increased resilience. 

Module 6

What Brings You Joy?
Can you remember what used to bring you joy before you lost your spouse? Maybe you enjoyed certain activities before you were married that fell by the wayside due to other priorities. Maybe you have been wanting to try something new. Now is your time. You can work joyful activities into your routine. Let’s find them.

Module 7

What is Your Purpose?
What were you put on this earth to do? This is your driving force in all that you do. Together we will determine your purpose.  
Prepare to Relaunch

Module 8

What is Next and Let’s Get it Done 
What are your top 1-2 goals that you want to accomplish this year? Goals require a plan, and you will create your goal master plan.

Module 9

Getting Laser-Focused  
You will learn how to create new habits and practices to support your goals and understand how to make them become an automatic part of your regular routine.

Module 10

The Future is Yours
Let’s celebrate all that you have accomplished and ensure that you are set up for success in the future. 


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