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Welcoming Photo of Jody Lavoie

Hi, I'm Jody

Jody was the Chairman of ArrowStream, a third-party logistics and SaaS provider founded by her late husband Steve in 2000. In July 2014, the unthinkable happened when her husband was shot at work by a disgruntled employee. Jody stepped in and led ArrowStream on a path to sustainable profitability culminating in the sale of ArrowStream to a private equity firm in 2017.

Therefore, I understand what it takes to remain productive during the grieving process.

Photo of Jody LaVoie, Widow Coach

I create a customized program for business leaders to support grieving staff members. 


Jody LaVoie

Tailored Program for Your Staff Members

Your program could include:

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Untitled design (55).png
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Weekly private 60-minute sessions with personalized actional steps.


Learn how to encourage productivity while a worker is grieving.


Learn how to create a supportive workplace for people who are grieving.

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Learn how to work with a grieving team member:

  • What you should say

  • What you shouldn't say

  • What to do if they cry at work

  • How to give them grace

  • How to pick up the slack


Corporate Grief Support

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